Your Gateway to Access: Exploring the Versatility of VIZiD Biometric Locks

Unlocking a world of possibilities goes beyond the traditional notion of keys. With VIZiD Biometric Locks, we've reimagined the very concept of access. From fingerprint recognition to remote control via smartphone, our products offer a diverse range of access methods that cater to your unique preferences. Welcome to the future of secure and convenient access.

1. Fingerprint Recognition:

Your unique fingerprint becomes your key. VIZiD's advanced fingerprint recognition technology ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access. Say goodbye to lost keys and forgotten PINs
– your finger is all you need.

2. Face Recognition:

Security meets convenience with face recognition. Our biometric locks use facial scans to provide a seamless access experience. Your face becomes your key, making entry effortless and secure.

3. Palm Recognition:

Harness the power of your palm for access. VIZiD's palm recognition technology offers an additional layer of security. Unlock your door with a simple touch, ensuring that your space remains accessible only to those you trust.

4. One-Time Password Access:

Temporary access has never been easier. With one-time password access, you can grant entry to guests or service providers without compromising your security. Share a unique code that expires after use.

5. Remote Access via WiFi App:

Control at your fingertips, wherever you are. VIZiD's WiFi-enabled locks allow you to manage access remotely through a smartphone app. Lock and unlock your door, monitor entry logs, and receive real-time notifications from anywhere in the world.

6. Numeric Code Access:

For those who prefer a classic approach, numeric code access provides a familiar touch. Program a PIN code for quick and easy entry without the need for physical keys.

7. Manual Key as Failsafe:

We understand the importance of redundancy. Our VIZiD Biometric Locks also come equipped with a traditional manual key option as a failsafe. In the unlikely event of technology glitches, you can still access your space with ease.

8. Something for Everyone:

The beauty of VIZiD's product range lies in its inclusivity. We recognize that every individual has unique preferences when it comes to access methods. Whether you're a tech enthusiast who enjoys the convenience of biometrics or someone who prefers the reliability of traditional keys, VIZiD products have something for everyone.

At VIZiD, we believe that access should be secure, convenient, and tailored to your lifestyle. Our biometric locks empower you to choose the method that suits you best, all while enhancing security and simplifying your routine.

As a pioneer in the digital lock industry, VIZiD sets the bar high for versatility and innovation. Explore our range of products at and discover how easy it is to transition to a future of secure and personalized access.

Stay tuned for more insights on the evolution of access control with VIZiD! Your access, your way.