About Us

VIZiD has introduced world-class AI-powered smart access control systems and digital door locks in India. Founded in 2020 and with a head office in Mumbai, India. We are working towards a global scale and aspire to become the first name when it comes to quality smart access control systems and biometric security devices.

We focus on Innovation, Intuitiveness, Ergonomics, Security & Quality. We operate at the very tip of the latest innovative technology. We provide our customers cutting edge solutions in controlling access to their homes, offices or commercial spaces.

Why Us

Have you ever suffered from security anxiety regarding your home or office premises? The decision of choosing the perfect solution for the main entry is both critical & confusing. Yet, it is the most important thing that makes or breaks your security. But what to choose? Choose safety and security with digital technology that does not break your wallet. With VIZiD digital door locks, electronic biometric locks and access control devices you will get top of the line security hardware with the latest cutting edge technology.

Cutting Edge Technology which is value for money! All of our products are AI-powered and designed for maximum security. At the same time, they are designed to be intuitive. With our products, you can enjoy hassle-free and keyless digital access to your premises.
Our philosophy is simple: The user should be able to enter their premises in the most secured and easily accessible manner. Our products are super fast, super smart, AI-powered, extremely secure and long-lasting. Our quality control and research methodology deliver products that achieve perfection in both fit & form.

Our founders had faced the same challenges several times in their lives just as you have. They have thus pioneered an AI-powered smart access control company keeping the customers’ needs in mind in all of their products! You can now get world-class AI-powered smart access control systems and digital door locks with features like facial recognition biometric access, palm recognition, fingerprint recognition, RFID Cards, Numeric password control, remote access via WiFi protocol and other advanced features.

We aspire to be the leading name in smart security in the global arena. Our products are thus designed with the specific objective of meeting or beating the best of the global brands in this arena. Walk in and out with ease, while our products keep you perfectly secured.

Brand Story

We all wish to ensure total security of our premises, be it our home or our office. We want intuitive & easy access for ourselves, our family members, our guests or our team members. In today’s day and age where technology is advancing faster than ever, we needed a modern-day solution for the traditional lock and key. Considering the now maturing state of AI-based technology and biometrics, VIZiD as a brand decided to enter the biometrics industry with digital access control devices that harness this technology making it safer than traditional door locks and providing hassle-free experience for those who wish to go keyless.

VIZiD has the fundamental belief that high tech security should be accessible to all, and we are working towards becoming a global brand with world-class products in this industry. In 2020 VIZiD was established and the same philosophy has since then been translated and incorporated into all of our products.